Frequently asked


Use and function of the underwear

Is the underwear hygienic?

Snuggs are made of materials certified by OEKO-TEX and CoolmaxFreshFX standards, which guarantee their health safety. After consultation with gynecologists, the recommended wearing time is 8-12 hours, depending on the strength of your period. In addition, the layer contains an antibacterial treatment, which guarantees a high standard of safety and hygiene.

Snuggs can handle up to 60-degree washes without damaging the absorbency. However, this may shorten their lifespan and fade colours, though black and beige hold up well. For durability, a 40-degree wash is advised.

Who are they suitable for?

Anyone. The underwear is used by women of all ages and is suitable for both light and heavy flows, or weak urine leaks and other discharges.

How many times a day should I change the underwear?

1-2 times a day. You can wear one pair of the underwear for 8-12 hours. But it depends on the strength of your period. For heavy flow days, we recommend choosing the models for a heavy or extra heavy period.

Does it really work?

The functionality of the absorbent layer is our number one priority. We develop the underwear with textile engineers, snuggs are worn by tens of thousands of women, who buy more and give us positive feedback.

How does the underwear handle odours?

The absorbent layer of snuggs underwear contains an antibacterial treatment, which guarantees a high degree of hygiene and at the same time eliminates the formation of unwanted odors.

Are they suitable for a first period?

The underwear is also a great option for girls who are just starting their period. We have received very positive feedback from mothers who have bought the underwear for their daughters.

Can I wear the underwear after giving birth?

You can definitely choose snuggs for the postpartum period as well. Lots of new mothers have already bought the period underwear and they are very happy. For the postpartum period, it is good to choose the underwear for a heavy or extra heavy period.

Are they suitable for incontinence?

You can safely use the underwear also for mild incontinence. The absorbent layer will work as reliably as during a period.

How to choose the right cut?

When choosing the right cut, we recommend following what makes you feel comfortable. If you prefer support and usually wear regular underwear up to waist height, then the high waist cuts will be most suitable. If you feel more comfortable when your underwear reaches your waist, it's great to try the classic cut or the bikini cut type of underwear.

How to choose a fitting size?

You will choose the most suitable size by measuring the width of your hips and compare the hipline with our size chart. If you can’t decide between 2 sizes, we recommend leaning towards the one you choose most often when buying underwear.

How to choose the right absorption?

To choose the right absorption, it is good to think about how heavy your period is on each day. Snuggs are available in 3 absorption variants – for light to medium, heavy, or extra heavy flows. The underwear is always marked with drops based on the capacity (2 drops up to 2 tampons or pads, 3 drops up to 3 tampons or pads, 4 drops up to 4 tampons or pads). In case of a very heavy flow, it is good to change the underwear more often or to use them with another product (e.g., a cup).

Is it possible to use the underwear for swimming?

Snuggs are a great option for sports, but we do not recommend using them in the pool or for swimming in general, as the absorbent layer can start to wash out when in contact with water. However we do have a period swimwear line that is suitable for swimming.

Returns and exchanges

What is the procedure for returning/exchanging goods?

Simply register the request on our website under the option Returns and exchanges of goods. Then send the underwear in the original packaging back to the warehouse address. Once we receive them, we will process everything and get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the rules for returning goods?

As with the exchange, the first step to successfully return the goods is to register the request in the form on the website (Returns and exchanges of goods). We will confirm the registration of the request by email and send you further details. Then you need to send the goods back to our warehouse (to the address in the confirmation email). The goods must be in the original packaging, unworn, unwashed, with all labels, free of stains and odors. As soon as the goods return to us, we will process everything and confirm it by email.

Can I exchange/return only a part of my order?

You certainly can. You may specify the number of items and the type in the registration form. When returning the goods, we will inform you by email about any difference in the final amount. While exchanging the gift packs (Complete, Starter, Colourful, etc.) it is always necessary to return the whole package with all of its pieces.

How should I return the goods?

Simply send the underwear in its original packaging back to us as you prefer (post office, courier, etc.). It is important to always choose delivery to the warehouse address. We are unable to manage either the storage of packages at collection points or the personal return of goods.

Who pays for the delivery when returning/exchanging the underwear?

You pay the transportation costs of the goods back to us. We will then cover the costs of sending you the underwear in the right size :)

When and how will my money be returned for the returned goods?

We will refund you for the goods in the same way you chose when choosing the payment option. Please note that your refund may take up to 14 days.

Can I exchange the panties for a different cut/colour?

Unfortunately, exchanges within different types are not possible. If you would like a different cut, you will need to register the panties for a return and then create a new order for the desired cut.

Washing and maintenance

How do I wash the underwear?

All you have to do is rinse the underwear in cold water and then wash it, either by hand or in the washing machine. The best is to wash it in a liquid detergent without a fabric softener (the fabric softener may have a negative effect on the absorption). We recommend choosing a gentle washing machine mode. You can also prolong the life of the absorbent layer if you spin-dry at a lower speed (800-1000 RPM) and gently squeeze the remaining water out of the absorbent layer while hand-washing.

Is it possible to dry the underwear in a dryer?

We do not recommend using the dryer, because due to the high temperature, the material of the underwear wears out faster. The best way to maintain the quality of the material is by hanging the underwear to air-dry.

How long will my underwear last?

Depending on how often you use it, your underwear will last up to 50 wash cycles. So to some people, they will last for about a year and a half to two years. But we also have positive feedback from women who have been using the underwear reliably for a longer time.

What detergent for washing the underwear should I choose?