Your period’s in
safe hands.

Produced locally in


Our materials, including high-quality fabrics and eco-friendly elastics, are sourced exclusively from Europe-based suppliers. We also produce all our products in Europe, reflecting our dedication to ethical manufacturing and local communities.

Each pair of snuggs is made by hand and meticulously designed for easy comfort with the most advanced material absorbency tech.

Safe and fair

working conditions

We regularly visit our factories to listen, discuss and learn from our teams, and to ensure that working conditions continue to be safe and fair. All of our factories’ workers are paid a fair working wage. We have a clear view of our entire supply chain, and assess all major impact categories at each stage, from raw material production to manufacturing.

Working with


We’re working with leading scientists, gynaecologists and engineers to get snuggs just right. When creating a product that not only needs to feel good, but also perform to the highest standards, cutting corners isn’t an option. That’s why we’re so proud of our ranges—from our new seamless styles to our bestselling Huggers.

We use

certified textiles

Our underwear is made up of a range of soft, sustainable fibres and recycled materials, including recycled nylon and TENCEL. The materials are certified by OEKO-TEX® and COOLMAX® freshFX®, ensuring durability and safety. Additionally, the absorbent layer of snuggs is treated with antimicrobial technology to combat unwanted odours and hygiene issues.

A word from our founders

“The people behind the scenes at snuggs are crucial. It’s our number one priority to create a safe and fair environment at work, across the entirety of our supply chain.”