3 Things About Period Underwear Most People Are Wrong About

3 Things About Period Underwear Most People Are Wrong About

The menstrual hygiene market is constantly evolving, with period underwear being one of the best alternatives to tampons and pads. But, does it actually work? 

With plenty of misconceptions, fears and doubts still circulating the topic, we’ve asked our customer Kate to share how she overcame those initial worries, and her journey in becoming a period pants fanatic. Here’s what she told us. 

“Surely it’s not THAT absorbent”

When I first came across period underwear, I admit, I had doubts whether it could handle my extra heavy flow. I was so shocked to see the high-tech absorbent layer ACTUALLY worked, keeping me dry and worry-free all day. The pants not only proved leakproof up to 5 tampons’ worth, but also helped contain any unwanted odours thanks to their antimicrobial membrane. I have never felt this fresh and secure while on my period, like ever! 

“It must feel like wearing a diaper” 

One of the things I was crazy worried about was that period pants were going to feel heavy and wet, like a diaper you have to sit in all day long. I was so relieved this was not the case! Snuggs use a super thin gusset (only 1.5mm) that quickly pulls moisture away from the body, eliminating any wet or sticky feeling. Plus, their sleek design is far from the dreaded diaper experience, allowing me to move freely and comfortably, just like regular underwear.

“There’s no way they feel that comfortable” 

Those used to wearing pads and tampons often assume period underwear cannot possibly feel that much better - I was one of those people! But contrary to this belief, snuggs really are designed with comfort as top priority. I found that the combination of soft, stretchy fabrics and snug-fitting cuts made me forget I was wearing anything at all. And yes, you CAN wear them all day long without needing a spare! The superabsorbent technology allows for extended wear (up to 12 hours!), which I really appreciated on those hectic, out and about kind of days. 

Overall, snuggs period underwear surpassed my expectations and ended my period-related worries. The all-day absorbency, leakproof performance and unbeatable comfort make period pants something you should definitely consider, if you too wish to break out of the cycle of miserable period experiences!

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